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A national directory of supervised visitation resources. Products and Services

Preferred Listing Service

A Preferred listing puts your text at the top of every page for your State's listings and gets your business or service noticed!

Preferred Listing Example:

The text below your agency or provider name is customizable- use your location, service area, or other text. To get a Preferred Listing, click here.

The Supervised Parenting Startup Kit

The Supervised Parenting Startup Kit - A practical reference guide for creating and operating a supervised parenting service for agencies and individual providers.

The Supervised Parenting Startup Kit contains all the information you need to create a successful Supervised Parenting or Visitation service.

To find out more or to order the The Supervised Parenting Startup Kit, click here.

Membership in
Includes The CATS Visitation Logger & Scheduler

The Child Access Tracking System (CATS) - A convenient and easy way to track and schedule supervised parenting sessions for agencies or individual providers. Available only to SVDirectory members. For more information on CATS, click here. To become a member of SVDirectory, you may join here.

Session Logging
The main part of CATS is the Session Notes module where you record your session information in a secure report keeper. The Session Notes module allows you to track arrival and departure times, the party dropping off as well as picking up the child(ren), the visit location(s), access notes, behavior notes, whether or not access was terminated (with additional reporting notes), and other relevant details. Reports can be printed and/or sent to other involved parties via email at the click of a button.
Scheduling Calendar
Easily track appointments, sessions, and meetings with the Calendar tool. The Calendar lets you schedule single sessions as well as recurring appointments. You can leave notes in the Calendar and view scheduled information by day, week, month, or year. Clicking on a day or note lets you "drill down" for more detail.
Address Book
Keep all of your important contact information in one easy-to-use place. Since the Address Book is online it's impossible for you to lose or misplace. The Address Book allows you to list multiple phone numbers and addresses for each contact, plus additional information like email addresses, websites, FAX numbers, organization, job titles, nicknames, and more. You can also store additional notes and miscellaneous information for each contact as well.
Tasks & Reminders
Easily keep track of tasks regardless of length- from a day to a year (or more) the Tasks module lets you see the state and progress of jobs or ongoing sessions. You can hide completed tasks so they don't get in the way of current entries, or display them all for an overview. You can also search the Tasks to quickly locate a specific entry.
Bookmark Keeper
A simple yet powerful way to store and organize an unlimited number of bookmarks for as many web sites or pages as you want. Bookmarks may be grouped (for example 'Home', 'Work', 'Referrals', etc,) and you can create additional groups as often as you need.

To become a member of SVDirectory and use CATS, click here.

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