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What exactly is CATS? (viewed 4880 times)

CATS is an online application that allows you to easily schedule and track visitation sessions with any number of families and children. CATS has a variety of screens that help you keep track of things like phone numbers, notes, appointments, etc.

The Calendar and Session Notes screens are key parts of CATS.

  • The Session Notes allows you to record details of every supervised parenting session, including times, dates, who dropped off and picked up the children, etc. The Session Notes can be searched, printed, and edited as often as you need.

  • The Calendar is where you can layout your session schedules. Creating repeating events such as every-other-weekend schedules or mid-week visits is as easy as clicking and dragging to create a new event. You can also include notes and event reminders for other days of interest, like meetings, court dates, birthdays, etc.

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