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How can CATS help me? (viewed 4805 times)

CATS provides a visual and written record of scheduled and actual parenting sessions. CATS also provides a calendar of scheduled time that you may (optionally) make available for others to view (such as a mediator, therapist, or attorney).

CATS can keep meticulous time-stamped records of the events that occurred during the parenting session. The format of the notes you keep is up to you- some supervisors like to keep extensive notes, other refer to keep things concise. You may also store and import specific forms that you use in your agency or business.

CATS also helps simplify things by giving you a place to keep contact information anyone who may be involved in a given case (parents, attorneys, doctors, mediators, etc). CATS lets you keep this information in a secure location that you can access 24 hours a day from any PC with a browser and an internet connection.

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