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How do I use the CATS system? (viewed 4970 times)

Using CATS is easy, but there are some basic things that are important to understand before you begin to use it.

  • The two main parts of CATS are the Calendar and the Session Notes.

The Calendar

The Calendar is what you can use to schedule supervised parenting schedules for the year to other people (such as the parents, attorneys, evaluators, etc).

Sample Calendar screen

The Session Notes

The Session Notes screen is used by you to record the details of supervised parenting time, including any notes you want to make. Normally this is done after each visit.

Sample Session Notes screen

It's important to realize that the Calendar and the Session Notes are separate from each other. Editing one does not affect the other.

You'll use the Calendar screens to display what your supervision schedules are, and you'll use the Session Notes to record what took place during the sessions.

Generally speaking, you'll update the Session Notes after (or during) the supervised parenting time. In this way, you'll accumulate a running record of the session(s).

Think of the Calendar as a kind of display board where you can post your schedule and some notes for each day and/or event. You can also choose to let others view your calendar, if you like. You do this by either setting the calendar to "Public" mode and then giving them your specially-coded link (or by creating a Guest account for a particular person and then setting the Calendar permission to allow them to view it). In general you'll only make the Public version available to parents who are involved in the supervised parenting sessions; there is usually no need to create a Guest account for them. You may also choose not to make the Calendar available publicly.

Your Calendar has features that make it easy to set up session schedules in advance. Events can be copied by just clicking and dragging while holding down the CTRL key. You can also drag events from day to day or week to week in the calendar to quickly rearrange a schedule item or event.

We suggest using the Quick Help buttons located on the calendar pages the first few times you set up events.

You can also leave notes for any days in your calendar that you want. Notes are separate from events in the Calendar and are there as a convenience feature.

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