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How do I export the Session records to an Excel spreadsheet? (viewed 1757 times)

You can export the saved Session records to a 'comma-delimited' or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format by following these steps:

Export records from the:
Date Range:
Export records as:
Optional Title:
  1. Go to the Print and Export screen by clicking on the printer icon in the toolbar.
  2. In the Export your data panel, click the button that corresponds to the information to export.
  3. A 'File Save...' dialog box opens.
  4. Select 'Save to disk', then select the location to save the file to. You may also rename the file at this time.
  5. Alternatively, you may select 'Open this file from its current location'. (You will only be able to open the file this way if you have Microsoft Excel or an application that can read Excel files.)

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