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The Scheduling Calendar is where you can 'map out' your session schedules. The Calendar highlights days which have events posted, and each entry is a link which can display notes and icons you set.

You Calendar also shows you whether your Guest Calendar is set to Public or Private access.

You have complete control over access to your Guest Calendar- you can allow it to be viewed by Guests, allow it to be viewed and updated by trusted Guests, or lock it, which prevents it from being viewed at all (except by you).

The Calendar allows you to post a schedule that you and your clients can share and use to make arrangements, arrange pick-up and drop-offs, and work from the same information wherever the children's time is involved.

Your Calendar is also an ideal tool for recording other events, such as doctor's appointments, meetings, and other activities. (These events can be made private so they don't appear when clients view the Calendar.) You can schedule as many events as you need, and events can overlap and occur as often as required. Creating recurring events is as easy as clicking and dragging.

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