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A national directory of supervised visitation resources.

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Supervised Visitation Directory Signup

To submit your free provider listing, please use this form.

To join SVDirectory as a full member and receive a CATS account, please use this form.

Joining the Supervised Visitation Directory gives you or your agency many benefits, including visibility in the world's largest listing of supervised visitation providers, membership in the SV Directory forums, and access to the CATS System, our exclusive Supervised Visitation Logging tool.

 Supervised Visitation Forums
In the SV Directory forums you can connect with other supervised visitation providers to get information, trade tips and techniques, and discuss other issues relevant to supervised visitation procedures and practices.

The SV Directory forums allow posting messages both anonymously and as a registered user. Certain situations may require some anonymous discussion, while others don't. SV Directory supports the best of both worlds in this respect.

Child Access Tracking System (CATS)
CATS is a friendly online tool you can use to help you manage your supervised visitation sessions. CATS lets you keep notes, set appointments (with reminders), manage contacts in a private address book, and much more.

Session notes can be searched, sorted, and even sent by email to other parties involved in the case such as attorneys, judges, and evaluators. Your notes are kept completely private and are stored in a secure area. Session notes may also be exported if desired, and we maintain backups of all your data. Even if your PC is lost due to accident or theft you can login from another location and you're right back where you left off- all of your data is backed up without the need for you to do anything.

CATS can be used from any PC with an internet connection, making it easy to add, edit, or recall your notes from any location you choose. All information entered in CATS may be printed or exported as needed.

 Agency Incentives
Basic listings in the Supervised Visitation Directory are free. For access to the CATS tool we offer a reduced rate to all groups and agencies that provide supervised visitation services in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other member countries. If you represent an agency providing supervised visitation services, please contact us for more information.

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"The world's largest directory of supervised visitation providers and services"
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